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Scholarship Reminder!


Here’s a little friendly reminder that we offer one scholarship spot for every city we teach in! Your deadline to get those applications in is 30 days before the class you’re applying for. That means if you want to try for our next workshops in San Francisco and Chicago you have until April 10th and April 17th respectively.

To enter simply pull together a blog post and let us know, in whatever format you like, why you think should win!

You could draw a picture, make a video, create an animated gif, start a Facebook campaign, get a tattoo… Anything that your crazy little brain can come up with. Remember: the more creative the better!

Publish your entry on your own blog and then simply post a link to it on our Facebook page.

Good luck everyone!

We Need You!

The Blogcademy | We Need You!

The Blogcademy is on the look out for photographers, décor sponsors and event assistants to help us out during a number of our classes this year.

We are on the hunt for professional photographers to come and shoot our workshops in Vancouver, New York and Auckland, and event assistants for Calgary, Berlin, Amsterdam, Washington DC, Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland. (Check out the dates for each class here!)

If you’d like to be considered, please drop us an email covering your experience. Photographers and décor sponsors, please include a link to your website or portfolio.

Assistant applicants must be local (as you’ll need to take delivery of all the goodie bag items), have past events experience and, ideally, be able to drive.

We will cover your expenses and you’ll get to attend The Blogcademy gratis! If you fit the bill and would like to come and make our workshops truly magical we’d love to hear from you!

Our New About Us Film

While we were all together in Palm Springs recently, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to film an About Us video. We hope you enjoy it and that it helps to give you more of a feel of what The Blogcademy is all about.

Our 2014 World Tour is continuing to sell at lightening speed. So if you’re still considering whether to book in or not, think fast! Have a look over our course overview, read through our FAQ and nosy at some past Blogcadette testimonials.

Our San Francisco, Chicago, London, Melbourne and Sydney classes are all well over 50% sold and the majority of the other cities are following close behind. If you have any questions or you’d like to speak to us about paying in smaller instalments, simply get in touch!

We can’t wait to hear from you.

A New Way of Learning… Coming soon!


Those of you that followed our adventures while we were in Palm Springs might have had a sneaking suspicion that we weren’t just there to soak up the sunshine. Oh no, your secretive headmistresses were working on a new Blogcademy project!

We can’t tell you exactly what it is just yet, but we know it’s going to be worth the wait. Our new offerings will be launched in the spring and we’ll have much more to share real soon…so watch this space ya hear!?

Live From Palm Springs!

the blogcademy live

FX Media

We’ve been in Palm Springs all week and we’re rounding off our time together with a FREE live broadcast today, February 9th, at 11am PST | 2pm EST | 7pm GMT!

To join in the fun simply click play on the video below. If you can’t tune in right now, fret not, the whole thing will be available to watch on YouTube afterwards. Be sure to hit us up with your very best blogging and business questions and we’ll try our very best to answer as many as possible.

We’ll see you soon!

The Blogcademy Needs You!

Janneke Storm

If you’re an independent designer or Etsy shop owner, we are always looking for fun, useful, delicious or sparkly things to put into our attendees’ goodie bags.

We are currently looking for sponsors for all of our 2014 world tour dates – that’s a lot of bags that need filling so if you would like your product to be seen by 30 excited and snap-happy bloggers and featured on, and (with a combined reach of ONE MILLION monthly visitors) then please get in touch. You can sign up to sponsor one city, two, three… in fact as many as you’d like!

We are also looking for people to come along to the workshop to help us out. If you’re a catering company, you run a photo booth, you could provide lunch time entertainment or you’re a professional photographer or videographer then we want to hear from you too. In exchange for contributing to the class you’ll get to attend for FREE! Now what could be better than that?

Becoming a sponsor couldn’t be easier, just check out our one sheet and media pack and get in touch.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

A Gift For That Special Someone…

Do you know that we offer gift certificates for The Blogcademy? I mean, what could be a better surprise for that special blogger in your life?

Buying one is easy, just register for the city of your choice, and then drop us an email letting us know the name of the person you bought it for. We’ll whip you up a lovely certificate that you can print out and hide under their tree!

Happy holidays, everyone!

2014 World Tour!

The wait is over! Our workshop locations and dates for the 2014 are… (deep breath)

San Francisco
May 10th & 11th
Makeshift Society
Almost sold out!

May 17th & 18th
Enerspace Chicago

June 7th & 8th
Soundhouse Studios

June 14th & 15th
The Commons Event Space

July 19th & 20rd
Curtain Road Studios
Almost sold out! 

July 22nd & 23rd
Curtain Road Studios

July 26th & 27th
Agora Collective

August 2nd & 3rd
The Thinking Hut

New York
September 27th & 28th
Attic Studios

Washington DC
October 4th & 5th
Studio 52

November 29th & 30th
Studio 2204
Almost sold out!  

December 3rd & 4th
The Establishment Studios
Almost sold out!  

December 6th & 7th

Booking your ticket to any of the classes couldn’t be simpler – click the relevant city link above and register using PayPal. You can either pay the full amount upfront or we offer various instalments plans (don’t be shy, just drop us an email if you’d like to pay in smaller increments!)


In each city we’ll be looking for photographers and videographers to capture the magic and independent businesses to fill those famous goodie bags! If you have a décor company, you make delicious cakes and treats or you run a photo booth – we want to hear from you too.

Becoming a sponsor couldn’t be easier, just check out our one sheet and media pack and get in touch.

2014, here we come!

Blogcadette Recap: Veronica Dearly, Designer and Dreamer

Photography: Devlin Photos 

Veronica Dearly sat right at the front on our London class in January. She wore teal shoes with killer heels and frantically scribbled notes throughout. After class she showed us some of those notes, which she’s designed into cute little drawings and sketches. We knew she was destined for brilliance and so we’re super excited to reconnect with her today and hear what she’s been up to since class…

Unlike a lot of our attendees you’re not actually hoping to become a full time blogger. What was it that made you want to come to the The Blogcademy? What we’re you hoping you’d learn?

I really love the idea of blogging, and I want to use my blog to lend an extra dimension to my brand – an authentic voice. Whilst it would be marvellous to build an audience and put my product in front of new customers, my main reason for wanting to go to The Blogcademy was inspiration and exploring the potential of the platform.

We LOVE that your husband bought your ticket as a surprise Christmas gift, it was SO HARD for us to not go blabbing! What did you think when you opened that voucher on Christmas morning!?

Completely blown away! Craig had actually wrapped my gift certificate in a box with some weird, long (and very heavy) metal struts to further throw me off the scent, so I was fairly bemused. We’d talked about The Blogcademy when it was first announced and agreed that it just wasn’t happening right now, so it was such a lovely surprise. I am very lucky to have him! I actually entered for the scholarship without telling him so it explained his completely underwhelmed reaction when I revealed my application to him!

What were your biggest takeaways from the weekend? How have you integrated them into how you run your business?

I can’t even narrow it down. The POTENTIAL that I discovered at The Blogcademy is almost enough to blow my mind. The one thing that really stands out is the work ethic – the don’t give up, the work your ass off, keep going, and stay ahead of the game attitude. It’s always easy to look at the pioneers in your industry and see someone who was lucky to be at the crest of the wave, when in fact the only reason they are there at the top is because they bloody well made that wave themselves. The Blogcademy taught me that I want to make waves, and it’s hard, so I’d better just get on with it.

We also see you’ve just launched a new website. It looks FAB. What did you learn in class that made you want to make a change?

Something that I’ve heard Kat quote before is that ‘your style will find you,’ and a couple of months before The Blogcademy I had been hit by a coconut of epiphany and my style just exploded all over my pages and my life. The branding section of the workshop was one I was really looking forward to (as a design geek!) and really brought home the need to make sure my brand was showing off who I am and what I do. It has been a labour of love but now I feel it’s much more representative of me and the future I see for my brand.

What’s your overall vision for your business? How do you try to stand out from all the other stationery designers?

My overall vision has changed a lot since it began in 2011. Originally I created alternative wedding stationery, and now I mainly focus on greetings card publishing and creative design projects. My overall goal from the start was to work for myself in a creative business, so it has been an interesting and often surprising journey. Moving out of the wedding industry has been a huge learning curve but I feel like I’ve really found myself.

In terms of differentiating myself I actually try to limit my exposure to other peoples designs. I’m lucky to have a found a style that really comes naturally to me so I find starting with a blank piece of paper and no pre-conceived ideas of what I’m about to do should look like is the best way to come up with something that stands out.

Case in point – when I first emailed my first greetings card design with very specific requirements and notes to a printer, they asked me to phone them and said “What the HELL are you on about?!” Those same cards have been my best sellers by a million miles.

You’re very active on social media, Twitter and Instagram in particular. What did The Blogcademy teach you about using social media and how have you implemented these things? Have you seen growth in these areas since the class?

I’m much more conscious of my output. I have two children, so the natural, almost unstoppable compulsion when I open Twitter is to write a constant stream of mildly amusing anecdotes about my family life. I feel like I have much more of a balance, which has resulted in a modest but much more steady growth. Sadly, my Facebook page is an area that still needs a lot more of my attention!

When it comes to your business, what are you most proud of?

It sounds clichéd, but I’m so proud of how far it’s come since the beginning. I’ve made huge changes, learnt so much and found a style that I am SO excited to work with everyday. I have stuck at it and tackled it in a few different ways and have created a job for myself that I’d never have found advertised in the paper.

What’s the most valuable thing you took away from The Blogcademy? Would you recommend it to your best friend?

It’s so easy to go through this life and accept the path that is laid out ahead of you, make practical and ordinary decisions and get by. That is not the key to my happiness, and The Blogcademy has given me the confidence to pursue BIGGER DREAMS. And yeah I definitely HAVE recommended it to my best friend – my husband Craig applied for the scholarship for the London class in September… and was one of the winners!

How would you like to expand or improve your business in the next 12 months? In your wildest dreams, how would your business look and feel this time next year?

I’m just beginning to focus a lot of my energy onto getting my products into shops, and so far the take up has been really encouraging. I’m also constantly expanding my products and this time next year I’d love to have a broad range of products available in a respectable number of stores. Couple that with attracting some more exciting design projects and world domination and that’s pretty much it.