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Want to Learn How to Deal With Haters, Build Your Audience, Set Your Rates, and Take a Great Still Life?


We’re super-excited today to announce the addition of four new videos to our Home School roster! Filmed in in a picturesque English garden, we created lessons around some of the questions we’re asked most often.

Dealing With Negativity features all three of us discussing how we deal with negativity online. The potential of getting negative feedback stops a lot of people from sharing their true selves online, which is such a shame! If this is happening to you, don’t worry: you’re not the only one! We trade war stories, talk about coping strategies, and ask, does it ever get any easier?

Still Life 101 was inspired by a segment Shauna created on-the-fly in our Chicago class. It’s now a staple of our Blogcademy weekend! In this lesson, Shauna shares her top tips on how to craft a great still life, no matter whether you’re using Instagram or composing images for your latest blog post. Remember, photos of experiences usually get more engagement than selfies because people genuinely want to see what you’re working on and what you’re inspired by!

How To Set Your Rates is all about coming up with a price (and sticking to it!). Shauna and Kat have a great conversation about setting rates, and cover it from the perspective of both a blogger figuring out how much to charge for sponsored posts, advertising or collaborations, and as a creative using your blog to sell your services.

Building Your Audience is clearly one of the most important things you can do, and it’s one of the things we get asked about most often. There are so many things you can do to engage readers and make sure your content is reaching the right people, and in this video, you’ll learn all about the techniques that we used when we started our blogs. In fact, we continue to implement them to this day!

We’re delighted to build on from our original 9 components, which covered Blogging Basics (a free class!), Media Kits For BloggersCreating An About Me PageBlog Brand AuditBrands Working w/ BloggersPR & Marketing For BlogsAdvertisingCreating Killer ContentHow To Work With Brands, and Pinterest for Bloggers. Phew!

Each lesson is priced at $20, and they all come with worksheets, checklists, and prompts to help you put into practice what you’ve learned. They’re designed and presented efficiently, because we know how busy you are — we don’t want to waste your time, babe! We promise to only give you real, actionable information you can actually use. Our tagline is No Boredom, No Blathering, No Bullshit, after all!

Got questions? Hit us up on Twitter! We’d love to see you in our digital classroom!

Announcing: The Blogcademy Home School And Mixer Events!


For two years, The Blogcademy has been travelling the world, teaching the secrets of making a living online to over 400 women. We’ve left a trail of glitter and a community of gung-ho gals in our wake… And now it’s time to bring the magic direct to you.

We wanted to create content that you could engage with any time, and keep learning from as often as you needed. We wanted to film videos so it felt like you were right there with us, and wouldn’t have to read a massive wall of text. We wanted to give it to you Blogcademy style: no boredom, no blathering, no bullshit!

The Blogcademy Home School was our answer. We’ve created Blog Boosters, ten videos around various topics — from advertising, to branding, to creating killer content — that you can use to fill in the gaps in your knowledge. They’re snappy, jam-packed with information, and will get you from point A to B efficiently. No muss, no fuss. We promise that our Blog Boosters will get you excited about blogging, and increase your money-making potential to boot. After all, girls just wanna have funds!

Even better? Our first video, Blogging Basics, is totally FREE! Just click on through to get a taste of what our Home School Blog Boosters are all about.


We’re beyond excited to be sharing Home School with you today. No matter where you live, and no matter how much time you have available to devote to improving your blog and online business, we know these videos (with accompanying worksheets, activities and resources) will help you grow your business. Once you start to implement the lessons you’ve learned, you’ll be amazed by how quickly you see results.

But wait, there’s more!


One of the things we hear over and over again from our blogcadettes is how amazed — and delighted — they are to meet babes just like them at The Blogcademy. Life-long friendships are formed in every single class we teach… And it’s a beautiful thing.

It’s true that meeting your tribe is powerful, transformative, and life-affirming. So we thought, maybe it’s time to do it en masse! How special would it be to introduce 100 passionate blogcadettes all at once? The answer: very special indeed.

Join us — and your future BFFs — at The Roost in London on the 24th of July. There will be delicious mixed drinks, tasty snacks, a blow-your-goddamn-socks-off goodie bag, an all-you-can-snap photobooth, a lively Q&A (so you can get all your blogging questions answered, and then some), and hours of gleeful fun with bloggers, small business owners, and independent babes just like you.

It’s networking, babe, but not as you know it. We promise there will be no sleazoids, fluorescent lights, or stale sandwiches!

Got questions? (What if I don’t drink? What should I wear? How fashionably late would be too fashionably late?) We’ve got answers. And we can’t WAIT to see you there!

Much love,

Your headmistresses.