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Snowdrifts, Sequins & Sparkly Ears A-Plenty at The Blogcademy, London

London, you really turned it out. We had the best time ever getting frisky with 60 fabulous graduates, or as they like to call themselves, “blogcadettes” (So cute!)

We were so lucky to have our exceptionally talented friend Richard Wakefield of FX Media came along to our weekend class to capture the magic on film…

Don’t forget we’re off to Portland & LA next. If you’d like to sign up for either of these events you can also do so right here!

Lots of love and snow-covered kisses from your chilly but oh-so-happy headmistresses,
Kat, Gala & Shauna

Prepare To Get Schooled: London Style

Photography: Devlin Photos

We are so excited about the upcoming workshops in London! Gala & Shauna fly in to the UK this week and we can’t wait to be together again (aww). We have a massive SIXTY undergraduates signed up for our London events, and so here is a little reminder about what to expect.

The workshop is taking place at Curtain Road Studios, Shoreditch. Both days kick off at 10 am and we plan to be wrapped by 6 pm each day, with post-workshop drinks in a nearby bar on day two!

To pack in your school bag:

♥ A pen. Each of you will be given a branded workbook and a gorgeous Moleskine in your goodie bag for making notes, but make sure you bring something to write with!

♥ A camera. On day two we have a basic camera skills lesson with a professional photographer. While this isn’t a massively technical workshop, you will have time to practice what you’ve been taught, so if you have a camera, bring it! If not, don’t worry, the camera on your phone will be totally adequate!

♥ Snacks and lunch. We’ll be providing snacks for munching on throughout the day (including vegan and non-vegan cupcakes from Restoration Cake!) but feel free to bring your own too. There are plenty of places to buy lunch locally, but if you prefer to bring a packed lunch, be our guest! There’s a kitchenette in the workshop space where you can store it.

♥ Business cards… Because you never know who you might meet!

We are SO EXCITED to meet you all,

Much love from your overenthusiastic headmistresses,
Kat, Gala & Shauna

The Blogcademy Website 2.0!

The Blogcademy Website

Today we have a very special announcement: The Blogcademy has a new and improved website!

Our workshop has come a long way since its launch back in August! To say that there was a time crunch when we were getting ready to launch doesn’t quite sum it all up…it was more of a mad dash. The workback schedule was nearly nonexistent — I had one day to design the site design and Kat’s husband coded the entire thing in a weekend. And even better, the night before our big launch, I headed across state lines to a Mötley Crüe & Kiss concert, promising Kat & Gala I’d finish up any final assets that night when I got home.

The Blogcademy Website

I made it back from the concert in one piece and the next morning, the launch went better than any of us could have imagined. Since that time, our first workshop in New York has came and went and London is now on the horizon.

Beyond all the excitement, each of us had the nagging feeling that our website could be a lot better. Truth be told, it just didn’t feel complete — post New York, we had a video, amazing testimonials and a one-sheet but nowhere to really put them. I didn’t want to just tack on more content to the existing pages. We needed an overhaul.

The Blogcademy Website

Over Thanksgiving weekend, I got to work on the redesign. Kat’s coding whiz husband Gareth quietly worked away and surprised us with the finished product this morning and we couldn’t be more happy to share this next chapter of The Blogcademy with you!

Take a look around (we have lots of new content, including Testimonials and Sponsors pages) and let us know what you think! And if you’re interested in joining us in London, there’s a few spots left.

How Cute Is That?!

Photograph by Eneka Stewart!

What an adorable bunch!  A few of our Blogcademy: London students met up at Sketch this weekend, to chat about their upcoming class (and a lot of other silly things, we bet!).  We’re loving this photo so much we just had to post it… We can’t wait to meet ALL of you next month!

(Oh… By the way, there are only 10 spots left!  If you want to join us, don’t be a stranger!)

xo Gala

London, Here We Come!

The Blogcademy 02 London

With Blogcademy New York behind us, we’ve decided it’s well time to take this show on the road! Kat’s unrelenting enthusiasm coupled with many, many requests from our mailing list made it apparent that London should be our next stop and we couldn’t be more excited! We will be teaching at Curtain Road Studios in Shoreditch over January 19th and 20th, 2013 and hope that you can join us!

The Earlybird Special

Just in case you needed another incentive to join us in London, we’ve got an earlybird special and all the details you need are here! Please note that the special is first 48 hours only. If you’d prefer to pay in smaller chunks, we have a super simple installment plan too. Payments are handled securely through PayPal but if you’d prefer to pay by bank transfer then email us for details.

The Scholarship

We’re offering one scholarship space for London! We want to be dazzled by your creativity! For a chance to win a spot, pull together a blog post and let us know why you think you should win. Use any format you’d like — draw a picture, make a video, create an animated gif, start a facebook campaign, get a tattoo (Kat’s idea)! Think big! Think bold! We can’t wait to see what you dream up! Publish your entry on your own blog and then simply post a link to it on our Facebook page by December 14th, 2012. The winner will be notified via email shortly after so be sure you have contact information somewhere obvious on your blog!


If you have any further questions, feel free to check out our FAQ or simply drop us an email. We can’t wait to see you in London!

With much love from your headmistresses,
Kat, Gala and Shauna