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Meet The Blogcademy Volunteer(s)!

Doucette Duvall

Over the past month we received more applications to be our Blogcademy Volunteer than we could have ever anticipated! It took us a while, but after fighting it out we all came to the same conclusion – that we couldn’t pick just one. So instead we’ve opted for two of our fabulous applicants to come an join us and help us make the very first Blogcademy happen! When you read these short snippets taken from their applications I’m sure you’ll see why we fell in love with them.


“My name is Nikki and I have been a devoted follower of Gala Darling for quite some time now, as well as a more recent, but just as enthralled, follower of Lady Kat and Madame Shauna. When I first received news of The Blogcademy, I started scrambling trying to figure out what I could possibly sell in order to attend this much needed workshop. I then spotted the news about the hunt for one lucky scholarship winner! I was preparing my video submission for the scholarship when I received the email about your need for a volunteer. And I thought to myself, “The Blog Gods have opened up the heavens and sent down endless opportunities for me!”


“My name is Megan, and I moved to New York from Northern California to pursue my dream of working in television about a year ago. Shortly after moving, I started working at a television production company that specializes in producing animal/pet content for television networks. We’re currently working on a show for Animal Planet, about the best moments in pop culture from this year (The Olympics, The Voice, Tim Tebow, etc) reenacted by puppies.”

I don’t know about you, but I certainly want to know more about that

Nicole & Megan we can’t wait to meet you!