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The Blogcademy And MagCloud: Poster Crazy!

The Blogcademy MagCloud Posters

When you need to promote an event or get your designs printed on nice quality paper, we all know how quickly that can add up. And, screen printing posters is also very expensive, especially when you’re a smaller business. We’ve been looking for an alternative, cost effective way to print posters and we finally have a solution to share with you! At The Blogcademy, we’ve been using MagCloud since the very beginning to print our workbooks but we didn’t realize they also did double-sided 18 x 24 posters!

The Blogcademy MagCloud Posters

For those of you who aren’t familiar with MagCloud, it’s an on-demand printing service run by HP and you can print as little or as much as you like. They ship around the world, too. Sometimes you just don’t have the quantities needed to go through a traditional printer or you just need to proof a project to see how it’s looking. Having the option to order a single piece is so nice!

Late one night, we put together layouts of our two upcoming Blogcademy dates in Portland and Los Angeles along with posters featuring our fancy new manifesto. We expected the quality to be just okay for $2.00 a piece but were pleasantly surprised when the posters showed up. First off, each comes in its own protective plastic sleeve. Next, the paper is much heavier than poster paper — it’s more like a few steps down from card stock. And the finish is the equivalent of a satin.

The Blogcademy MagCloud Posters

If you don’t have an event to produce posters for, why not try the following:

• Make prints of your original photography. Create a collage on your wall or give out as gifts and promos.
• Posters of old school family photos would be really charming!
• Do a series of patterns you’ve created. Make your own mishmash of wallpaper!
• Print your artwork as posters to sell at conventions, shows or events.

* All posters printed on-demand through MagCloud. Templates can be found here.

* Tassels are courtesy of The paper Jar via The Cloud Parade, an official Blogcademy sponsor.

* Finally, we want to note that this post was in no way sponsored by MagCloud. We just really like the service and hope it is of use to you as well.

xo always,
Shauna, Gala and Kat