Meet Our NYC Scholarship Winner

Julia, we love you so much for the effort you put into your scholarship video. You made our decision easy! Gala was particularly vocal and ridiculously over-excited about the prospect of having another Kiwi at The Blogcademy…

And this was her response when we emailed her to tell her she’d won!


This is just what went down in my flat…

Oh! new email….OOooooohhhhh NEW EMAIL FROM BLOCADEMY! ech!

OOOOOoooOOOOOh it’s long…and the first sentence….Holy crap…SCREAMmmmy screechhh! Laptop and me to the floor while flatties leap up looking at me in terror having received obviously shocking news!!….tears. Hugs! A top up of the bubbles! And then off to call clever clever John Jo who helped make the vid and then Mum and Dad who said ” YOU DIDN”T?!?!?!”

Guys, this is just nuts and very exciting!! While I had had pretend scans of New York flights and accommo while procrastinating at work I didn’t actually think I would end up winning and putting myself in a situation where I simply HAD to go to NY no matter what my bank account was yelling at me! So thanks so much, talk about best foot forward! I am actualllllyyyyy going to go to MOMA and Jonathon Adler and Central Park and as all my flatmates have said bump into the cast of “Friends” no doubt.

So thanks for giving me the opportunity and push in the right direction ladies. Simply can’t wait to meet you all!

Pack those bags Julia and we’ll see you in New York City baby!

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