Attention Los Angeles Blogcadettes!

Greetings from our Hollywood (b)loft! Your intrepid headmistresses are spending today stuffing goodie bags, blowing up ‘B’ balloons, and making notes… But mostly getting super-amped for the Los Angeles class of our world tour, which kicks off tomorrow morning!

As is customary around these parts, here are some quick reminders for all of you future graduates…

The venue is McCaddenSpace Studio, located at 1041 N. McCadden Place, one block east of Highland Avenue and one-half block south of Santa Monica Blvd. Look for a Spanish style building with large trees!

To pack in your school bag:

♥ A notebook, a laptop or an iPad — whatever you’re most comfortable writing on. You’re going to need something to jot down all those ideas and notes!

♥ A pen. Make sure you bring something to write with!

♥ A camera. While we are no longer teaching a technical photography section, the workshop is sure to be packed with many Kodak moments so don’t forget to bring something to capture them with! If you don’t have a camera, don’t worry, the camera on your phone will be totally adequate. Be sure to download Instagram, too, if you’re not using it already!

♥ Snacks and lunch. We’ll be providing delicious zero calorie soda from Zevia for slurping on throughout the day, but feel free to bring some yummies too. There are plenty of places to buy lunch (and green juice!) locally, but if you prefer to bring a packed lunch, there’s a turquoise (of course!) refrigerator you can use.

♥ Business cards… Because you never know who you might meet!

We can’t wait to meet you all, start practicing your #bloggerface now!

Much love from your sunkissed headmistresses,
Kat, Gala & Shauna