Go To The Head Of The Class! Bespoke Bride’s Brilliant Rebranding!

We love our graduates, and we get so excited when we see them implementing changes and giving their sites a major spruce-up!

One of our cutest students (shhh, don’t tell anyone), Jessica Turley, is one half of Bespoke Bride, a kickass blog that helps brides avoid a cliche-ridden, cookie-cutter wedding. When she came to us, Bespoke Bride was very beige and romantic-looking. ┬áIt was beautiful, it just wasn’t very Jessica! (This girl is a firecracker!)

Here’s what it looked like when we met Jessica in January… It was beautiful, but it didn’t embody or line up with what Jessica and Emily were doing.

…So you can imagine our surprise and delight when they unveiled their brand new look. We’re in LOVE with it!

First of all, look at that header! It’s so much fun, and makes us think of colourful confetti. Their slogan — Inspired by us, created by you — is perfect. It gives you a great clue to what this dynamic duo can provide!

Their colour scheme is great, so peppy and vibrant, and not the same old thing we’ve already seen done a million times online!

Jessica and Emily have also decided to branch out with their content, giving us peeks of what goes on behind the scenes, showing us what they’re wearing, sharing their travel tips and DIYs. In other words, they’re expanding their scope, which gives us a much richer insight into what these two girls are really about! After all, when it comes to a blog, people come for the information, but they stay for your personality. Jessica and Emily have this in spades, so why not show it off?!

We’re so psyched to see these changes, we think it is such a major upgrade. Head on over to Bespoke Bride to see the transformation for yourself!

Congratulations, babes. You are top of the class!

Love always,

Gala, Shauna and Kat.