Become A Blogcademy Sponsor

At The Blogcademy, we love building long-term relationships. Our attendees are a mix of well-informed, educated bloggers, executives and small business owners with an eye for fashion and design.

If you’re an independent designer or Etsy shop owner, we are always looking for fun, fabulous and sparkly things to put into our attendees’ goodie bags. They love to Instagram and show off what they got!

If you have a catering company, you could sponsor our lunchbreak or post-event drinks, and put your product straight into the hands (and mouths!) of thirty social media-obsessed bloggers. Hint: cupcakes are always a huge hit!

Bloggers love to party, so if you own a photobooth, you can bet your bottom dollar that our students will be click-click-flashing inside it all day long!

We are always looking for photographers and videographers to come along and document the adventures our classes have together…

…And, of course, if you own a beautiful, quirky or unique venue, we would love to teach there!

In addition to directly reaching a new audience and a thank you on our sponsor postcard, you’ll also be featured in three total blog posts on, and

Custom partnerships are available as well — just ask for more details!

The Numbers

Between our collective blogs, we have an enormous reach with the following stats:

  • 1,000,000+ combined MONTHLY BLOG VISITORS
  • Combined reach of 70,000+ TWITTER FOLLOWERS
  • Combined reach of 104,000+ FACEBOOK “LIKES”
  • Combined reach of 40,000+ INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS
  • Combined reach of 59,000+ PINTEREST FOLLOWERS

Interested In Working With Us?

We’d love to work with you, in any capacity! You can download our one-sheet, below, or email us for more information.