Blogging isn’t just typing words on a screen: it’s about learning to communicate from your heart. It’s about sharing something real and grabbing the attention of your tribe, whether they’re babes like you, or your ideal customer.

You might be the best at what you do, but if you’re not blogging about it, you don’t exist. It’s essential to have a well-groomed web presence, and that’s exactly what we teach.

Online success = real life success. The only snag? Online success requires strategy, insight, technique and talent. Crossing your fingers and praying for an audience is not a strategy!

At The Blogcademy, we take our two-day workshops all over the world (and we bring the sass — and sequins — with us!). If you want to flourish online, this is one class you shouldn’t skip!

The Lowdown

Sure, blogging can be fun… But it can also generate funds. Who doesn’t want that?! The truth is that blogs are an essential tool for anyone who owns a business, wants a business, or wants to do business. Period.

That’s exactly why we created The Blogcademy: we want to help every woman live the lifestyle she wants, and quite frankly, deserves!

We believe in empowering our attendees to forge their own path. We believe in sharing information, supporting each other, and expressing your true self. We want to give you the tools to take control of your life. But most importantly, we want you to know that its completely possible to live life on your terms.

We promise… No boredom. No blathering. No bullshit.

After all, girls just wanna have funds!

About The Blogcademy

The Blogcademy is a wildly fun, fiercely smart, two-day workshop tailored to women who want to elevate their online presence and business up a level — or fifteen. Taught by three of the world’s most high-profile bloggers, Gala Darling (Gala Darling), Kat Williams (Rock n Roll Bride) and Shauna Haider (Nubby Twiglet) will take your hand and give you a backstage pass to the blogosphere.

Everything you ever wanted to know about blogging strategy, branding, monetization, personality and so much more is covered in this workshop, taking place in the coolest cities around the world!

At The Blogcademy, there’s three of us and thirty of you (not to mention killer goodie bags that will knock your socks off!).

We provide personalized guidance, big heaps of encouragement and a massive dose of inspiration to all levels, from absolute beginners to total pros. It doesn’t matter whether you do it for the love, to support your business, or if it’s your full-time gig; all that matters is that you have a red hot passion for this thing we call the blogosphere.

The three of us have very distinct personalities, and an entirely different approach to each of our online identities, which gives a savvy, holistic, insider’s view of exactly what it takes to thrive online… No matter who you are.

If you’d like to use your blog to attract new clients, we know the best way to do it. If you’re feeling frustrated by creating content, we can help you bulldoze through the obstacles that are standing in your way. If you want to get a newspaper column, a magazine feature or publish a book, we can show you the ropes. If you want to be inspired, make your blog design really pop, refine your branding and get bigger and better, we’re right there with you — no exceptions.

If it exists as a benchmark within blogging, we have either done it or are doing it right now. Gala has been writing online since 1997, Shauna got started in 2001, and Kat began her blog in 2007. In our 31 collective years of experience in the world of blogging, we have truly dealt with the good, the bad and the ugly! We want to share our greatest lessons with you in the form of two uncontrollably fun, action-packed days of knowledge, wisdom, tricks, tips, deep insights and good old-fashioned bonding.

And it doesn’t end there. After the last B-shaped balloon is packed away, the community remains. Regular, real-life meet-ups, a thriving forum and access to constantly updated resources are all at your glittery fingertips. The Blogcademy may zip by in two days, but the relationships you’ve formed can (and will) last a lifetime.

What Will I Learn?

Day One:
We’re busting out the need-to-know, can’t-be-skipped, you-don’t-want-to-miss-this blogging essentials. On day one we cover everything from layout basics to learning how to create and refine your digital persona. In the excitement of starting a blog, these important fundamentals often get glossed over, but they’re crucial to your success. You’ve gotta have a plan! We discuss finding inspiration and picking the right topics for your blog, creating brilliant content, conducting a digital brand audit, and extracting the maximum juice out of social media.

Day Two:
After a jolly good night’s rest, we crack on to day two where we go deep on the topic of monetisation, from advertising to creating your own products (and everything that falls in between!). We’ll give you the lowdown on building a brand from scratch, how to network without feeling like a sleaze, how to take great photos for your blog, essential business documents and creating a blogging action plan that won’t just sit in your drawer, but get you noticed, get you seen, and get you making MONEY.

At The Blogcademy, our focus is not just on being online; we understand the importance of establishing legitimacy in the offline world, too. Woven throughout the two days, we’ll be driving home lessons on discovering your own voice and showcasing your personality, making brand connections and working on campaigns, as well as dealing with the not-so-nice bits of blogging.

We’ll tell you everything we know about dealing with big brands (and maintaining a sense of self and integrity!); getting a newspaper or magazine column; self-publishing and digital products; creating a magazine (as well as editing, designing and distributing it); blogging managers and agents, and how to publish a book. We’ll teach you how to write your own blogging business plan, and encourage you to set goals to keep you motivated.

But it’s not all function and no form: we also share essential design tips and elements to enhance the look and feel of what you do. It’s one thing to have a cohesive look across all your online properties, but it’s another thing entirely to know if they accurately represent you or your business. Shauna has half a decade of real world experience at top ad agencies and design studios, which have given her a sophisticated and beautiful view of design, both online and off. She brings this expertise to class and one thing’s for sure: you — and your blog — will never be the same.

Finally, the headmistresses will personally be critiquing your actual blog and giving you customized recommendations on what you can do to be better, do better, and blog better.

This is an unbelievable opportunity to have your work appraised by some of the best in the business, and if you take our advice, you will see incredible growth. Pinky swear.

Best of all? The Blogcademy works. Our blogcadettes have gone on to raise $100,000 on Kickstarter, start their own businesses, get sponsored for overseas travel, and eke out a name for themselves in a competitive online world. Just check out their testimonials!

What’s Included?

  • 16 hours of class time
  • Custom 40+ page workbook (keep it on your desk for blogging inspiration!
  • Activities and exercises designed to help you get clear, and get GOING
  • Top Secret Student Forum — because two days is never enough!
  • Personalized Report cards — 1:1 attention is a guarantee
  • Graduation Certificate — to remind you of your new skills, and give you insta-confidence anytime
  • Class Photo
  • Curated Goodie bag — yes, sparkly ears will be included (and wearing them will be mandatory!)

Meet The Headmistresses

Gala Darling
Writer, Founder of Gala Darling

Gala Darling built a six-figure business in four years, starting with nothing but a domain name and plenty of enthusiasm! She has worked with everyone from Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to Starbucks, and had way too much fun on the way!

Gala has been featured in The New York Times, New Zealand Herald, Teen Vogue, New York Post, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Time Out New York, Sydney Morning Herald, The Daily Telegraph, Next, Cleo, Girlfriend, The Age and Sunday Herald Sun, as well as on CBS and ABC News, among others. She has spoken at TEDxCMU, SXSW, Independent Fashion Bloggers, Altitude Design Summit, Social Media Week, and many schools.

Shauna Haider
Graphic Designer and Founder of Nubby Twiglet

Shauna Haider is a graphic designer with five years of hands-on experience at ad agencies and design studios on both print and digital projects. Additionally, she has worked extensively with upwards of 100 small businesses, assisting them in creating memorable campaigns and unique branding experiences.

Well-versed in both print and web, some of the more recognizable brands she’s partnered with include Adidas, Forever 21, Nike, Skullcandy, Smith Optics, Solestruck, Virgin Records and The Wall Street Journal.

The author of popular design and lifestyle blog Nubby Twiglet which focuses on both design and style aesthetics as well as applicable design advice, Shauna’s role (beyond the visuals and branding of Blogcademy) will be to offer a unique perspective on building a brand from scratch, complete with real life examples as well as adding that extra level of professional polish to branding materials. She’s not afraid to spill the beans on what you should include in a media kit and is an open book on advice including how to forge creative relationships with big-name brands. Addtionally, if you’re a creative company that’s not focused on ad revenues, find out how a blog can still help propel your business to the next level.

Kat Williams
Founder of Rock n Roll Bride, Editor-in-Chief of Rock n Roll Bride Magazine

Kat Williams runs one of the biggest wedding blogs in the world. She launched the site while planning her own wedding after becoming jaded by the limited offerings of the UK wedding industry. She saw a niche for alternative wedding inspiration and ran with it! Kat now works on the site, and the ever growing Rock n Roll Bride brand, alongside husband Gareth.

As the first UK wedding blog, Rock n Roll Bride has been featured in every major UK wedding magazine as well as many around the world. Outside of the wedding industry bubble Rock n Roll Bride has also been featured in mainstream publications including Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Easy Living, Company and The British Journal of Photography as well as in The Guardian, The Sunday Times and The Daily Express newspapers. Kat has a monthly column in Photo Professional Magazine and she also publishes her own print magazine!

In addition to talking about weddings all day, Kat gives business advice in her own inimitable fashion in the Green Room, an area of Rock n Roll Bride where she shares tips and tricks about running your own small business.

Still Not Sure If The Blogcademy Is For You?

Check out our FAQ and 10 reasons to become a Blogcademy graduate!

No boredom. No blathering. No bullshit