When And Where Is The Blogcademy?

We’re a truly international operation! In 2014, our world tour will include stops in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. For specifics, check out our registration page! Be sure to sign up for our mailing list so you’re the first to hear about new dates and locations!

What Time Does The Blogcademy Start And End?

Classes kick off at 10am, so aim to arrive around 9.45. We usually wrap between 5 and 6pm, although we’re happier to stay later if you still have questions!

What Should I Bring?

Other than a pen and something to write notes on, you won’t need much! (Hint: There will be lots of opportunities to take awesome pictures, so bring whatever you are most comfortable doing that with, whether it’s your phone, an Instax camera, or a digital SLR!) You can bring a laptop or tablet to make notes on if that’s how you prefer to work, but this is not a technical workshop.

What Should I Wear?

Whatever you like! It’s a safe bet that Gala and Kat will be in pink and sparkles, while Shauna will be holding it down in a Michael Jackson-inspired ensemble! Dress comfortably but with a flourish!

Should I Bring Lunch?

You can if you want to! Our lunch break is flexible, meaning you can go out to find food, or you can stay at the location and socialise! There are always restaurants and cafes in the area: if you don’t know where to eat at lunch, you can tag along with us!

Will There Be An Organised Mixer Or Drinks Before/After The Workshop?

Unfortunately, no. We always have a couple of underage blogcadettes in every class, and it’s simply cruel to exclude them based on their age! Having said that, the three of us are available in the venue after class on both days, and we love spending this time chatting, giggling, taking photos, answering questions and giving you one-on-one time. We also encourage you to connect with your fellow classmates in the Blogcademy forum ahead of time, and to make dinner plans after class! It’s a fantastic way to get to know one another on a deeper level.

I’m Not A Newbie. Am I Really Going To Learn Anything?

Collectively, we’ve been to a million blogging conferences and always leave feeling like our most burning questions and favorite topics weren’t covered. The Blogcademy is our way of turning that on its head. We don’t need to hear about “thinking of yourself as a brand” or “being consistent” one more time. We all KNOW that already. This is a real nuts and bolts masterclass for people who already have the basics of blogging licked and want to take it to the next level.

Even better than that, there will be OODLES of Q&A. Come along with your questions! Try your best to bamboozle us! We want to help you as much as possible, so please don’t be afraid to ask the questions that are really plaguing you.

I’m A Complete Blogging Novice/I Don’t Have My Own Blog (Yet)/I Literally Know Nothing About Blogs Or Social Media. Is The Blogcademy For Me?

We have attendees of all levels but for you to get the most out of the weekend, you should have a basic knowledge of blogging and social media. If you don’t have your own blog yet we’d still love to have you, you may even be at an advantage because you won’t have had time to pick up any bad habits!¬†Fair warning, though: we won’t be covering the super basics of setting up a blog. You can learn that stuff in a day of Googling!

Is The Blogcademy All About Making Money From Blogging? I Really Just Want To Be Inspired!

While we will be covering blog monetisation – it’s always one of the topics we receive the most questions about – it’s not just about that. There is so much more to blogging than making a buck. If you’re looking to be reinvigorated, to spice up your online presence or to step back and see a bigger, more expansive view of what you could be doing with your brand, this weekend will rock your world!

Is The Blogcademy just for people who want to be full-time or hobby bloggers? I have a small business and really want to learn about how having a blog could support it.

When we launched The Blogcademy we initially imagined that most of our attendees would want to be full-time bloggers. However after doing a number of classes we started to notice that most of the women that were coming to class had their own small businesses and wanted to harness the power of blogging to support it.

The class is suitable for anyone who wants to blog, whether that be in a full-time capacity, just as a hobby or as a way to support another business.

How Much Does The Blogcademy Cost And How Do I Pay?

The fee for The Blogcademy is $750US and we accept payments through Paypal. We offer an installment plan if that’s a better fit for you! Further details are available on the registration page.

Are Transportation And Accomodation Costs Included In The Price?

No, the cost of the ticket guarantees admission to the event only.

Is The Blogcademy Just For Girls?

No! While it’s true that your headmistresses are “girls’ girls”, and the majority of our students are female, it’s not a prerequisite! We’d love to have you, no matter your sex. Be warned, though: you may be required to rock a pair of sparkly ears!

Do I Need To Be An Apple User To Attend?

Not at all! Even though this isn’t a technical workshop, we understand you might have questions about apps, programs or content management systems. The Blogcademy is all-inclusive: Gala and Shauna use Apple products, and Kat is a whizz on a PC. We can answer your questions!

I’d Love To Stay For The Whole Thing, But I Have Something Else Planned… Is That A Problem?

Blogcademy is a full two-day event, tailored to flow from subject to subject. The structure is all about building blocks, so your knowledge will accumulate and build on itself over two days. If you really can’t stay, we understand… But you’ll be missing out! We can’t offer any discounts for partial attendance.

What If I Buy My Ticket, But I Have To Cancel My Trip?

Refunds will only be offered within 28 days of the purchase date, less a 10% admin fee. If you are unable to attend the course, tickets can be transferred to another person or city of your choice. All sales are final within four weeks of the class as costs are incurred for materials and services.

I Really Want To Come Along, But I Can’t Afford It!

We hear you, baby! Don’t fret, we’d love for you to be a part of it: The Blogcademy offers a scholarship to every city! To enter for your chance to a win a ticket to the whole weekend simply pull together a blog post and let us know, in whatever format you like, why you should win!

You could draw a picture, make a video, create an animated gif, start a Facebook campaign, get a tattoo (we’re only half joking!)… Anything that your crazy little brain can come up with. Remember: the more creative the better!

Publish your entry on your own blog and then simply post a link to it on our Facebook page. Applications are due 30 days before the date of the class you’re applying for and make sure you state in your entry which city you’d like to attend! The winner will be notified via email shortly after so be sure to have a contact page somewhere obvious on your blog!

What If I Need To Contact One Of You Or I Have Questions Before I Book?

Just email us – headmistresses@theblogcademy.com – and we’ll get back to you ASAP!