10 Reasons To Become A Blogcademy Graduate

1. You have the opportunity to have your blog, Twitter, Facebook and/or online store looked at, evaluated and appraised by Kat, Gala and Shauna. We will be making suggestions that relate to your branding, design, content, social media and revenue generation. This is invaluable, and if you implement the changes we recommend, you will see your blog and business transformed!

2. A weekend spent with other people who are passionate about the same things you are is like a vacation for the soul. You will walk out the door feeling refreshed, revived and excited to get back to work! Our favorite conferences leave us feeling excited and inspired, and The Blogcademy does exactly that.

3. There’s plenty of time to get all your questions answered. We’re more than happy to stay late and keep talking if that’s what you need!

4. Even if you hate taking notes, you’ll receive a beautifully-designed magazine jam packed full of activities and articles covering some of the key topics from the weekend. It’s perfect for keeping next to your computer and referring back to!

5. The Blogcademy has something for every level of blogger, running the gamut from building a brand from scratch to creating a solid online presence, from making a living doing what you love to getting (and staying!) inspired. If you love your blog but feel the excitement waning, this is the perfect way to get reinvigorated.

6. You’re granted access to The Blogcademy’s top secret community, so you can continue talking, learning and evolving with the other graduates, long after the weekend is over!

7. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet people who are just like you. One of the things that thrills us most about The Blogcademy is the incredibly strong, positive and friendly community that forms around every class! You’ll get to meet one another virtually in our secret group before the event, and then strengthen those friendships in person! Fostering that sense of community is very important to us.

8. The Blogcademy isn’t just about blogging, it’s about reconnecting to that sense of joy and wonder inside you. Our one-of-a-kind mix of creative genius, visual direction, tough love and mad business acumen will have your heart palpitating and your mind racing!

9. Everyone has an opinion about what makes a good blog, but not everyone has the track record to back it up. We do. Gala and Kat have transformed their blogs into full-time careers and major bread-winners. Shauna uses her blog as a portfolio, to gain new clients and to build her profile in the design community. We have built our brands from scratch and know what we’re talking about. We’re excited to teach you what we’ve learned!

10. If you want to carve out a life for yourself on your own terms while earning a living doing what you love, The Blogcademy is for you!

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